About Who and Why

Who am I?

Got my MSc. in Computer Science from the Hebrew University in 2012, wrote a thesis about finding small subgraphs in a distributed setting (my advisor was Danny Dolev), the resulting paper can be found here.
Got into elementary school math ed, taught some math teachers, and together with Raz Kupferman designed many of the games you can find on Matific.
Worked for 3 years at Resonai, developing various computational geometry algorithms.
Worked at StarkWare for 2 years, and headed the backend team there.
As of March 2020 I'm back at Resonai.

Why blog in this day and age? 

Well, my goals here are 1) to write new stuff I learn so that it sinks in (these will probably be posts about algorithms and programming), and 2) to vent some thoughts (these are the math-ed posts). Social networks are, perhaps ironically, less personal, and they intentionally make knowledge preservation a hassle. So, well, a blog, I guess.

My ErdÅ‘s–Bacon number is 6:

My Erdos number is 3, since I co-authored this paper with my thesis advisor, Danny Dolev, who co-authored this paper with Nati Linial, who co-authored this paper with Paul Erdos.
My Bacon number is also 3, since I played a minor role in the 2004 TV drama Itzik, starring Michael Moshonov, who played in the 2008 Restless alongside Karen Young, who played in the 1988 Criminal Law, with Kevin Bacon.
Thus my Erdos-Bacon number is 3+3=6.

What does "Garden Path Trajectory" even mean?